Change The Channel Al!

Al "Tawana Brawley" Sharpton Going After Rush Limbaugh and Free Speech
All Sharpton is going through the FCC in an attempt to have Rush Limbaugh thrown off the air. It is apparent that neither Sharpton or Ed "Sargent" Schultz even listen to Rush's show. Sharpton complains of Rush singing a song called "The Good Negro", which apparently is a mistaken reference to the parody song called "Barack The Magic Negro" sung to the old Peter, Paul & Mary tune "Puff the Magic Dragon".  The title comes from an article of the same name, published in the LATimes.  Neither Schultz or Sharpton caught the mistake.  The scary thing about this whole issue is that Sharpton is talking about silencing somebody with whom he disagrees, and Schultz just goes along with it.  There are literally thousands of radia stations and hosts out there.  If Sharpton doesn't like what he's hearing, he should just change the channel.

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