Obama Looks To Put Up Another Roadblock For Private Business

The Obama Administration continues to push forward with anti-business policies in its drive to "fundamentally transform" the United States.  With one hand out to receive millions of dollars from unions and the other hand sticking a knife into the backs of private enterprise, this administration continues to do everything possible to squelch growth in the private sector.   The unions, which are now openly in bed with the Communist Party USA and other  leftist and socialist groups, are in full attack mode to unionize and weaken the private sector for their nefarious goal of "Workers of the World Unite." - Brian

Federal Government Wants Private Businesses to Promote Union Rights in the Workplace
Wednesday, December 22, 2010
By Sam Hananel, Associated Press

Washington (AP) - Most private employers would have to display posters informing workers about their right to form a union under a proposed federal rule that is bound to please unions and draw the ire of companies trying to resist labor organizers.

The planned rule, announced Tuesday by the National Labor Relations Board, would require businesses to post notices in employee break rooms or other prominent locations to explain workers' rights to bargain collectively, distribute union literature or engage in other union activities without reprisal.

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