"Fairness Doctine" Is Anything But Fair

Critic of the president? Shut up!

Talk Radio Watch - Kathy Shaidle
Posted: December 17, 2010 12:26 pm Eastern
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Those troubling murmurs coming from the Federal Communications Commission we told you about last week continue to reverberate.

If FCC commissioner Michael Copps (a registered Democrat) "gets his way," warns the National Review's Matthew Shaffer, "[radio] stations across the country could be put on probation, and subsequently denied FCC licensing, for failure to meet a broad set of criteria involving local coverage, percentage of resources devoted to news and several kinds of disclosure."

Copps insists he has no desire to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, but Shaffer sounds unconvinced.

"It's not just talk-radio-loving conservatives who should be worried, either," Shaffer writes. "Richard Nixon used the Fairness Doctrine against his enemies list during his presidency, for example – every political faction can be tempted to abuse regulatory power. It's not difficult to imagine ways in which requirements that radio have more news time, more local coverage and less opinion could be used to muffle critics of any administration."

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