The Once-Great State Of California Owes the Rest of the U.S. an Apology

To the other 49 States:  "We're Sorry!" (in both senses of the word)
by Brian Johnson
h/t to WorldNet Daily and Roger Hedgecock

While the rest of the Country was voting to 'throw the bums out' and attempt to get some fiscal sanity back into government, California was doubling-down on it's out-of-control debt, a dysfunctional legislature, and jobs-killing climate change regulation.

- California elected Jerry Brown as Governor 27 years after his last stint in the governors mansion. To refresh everyone's memory:

From 1975-1983 Jerry Brown:

- Canceled the freeway program with some routes abandoned that were already under construction

- He canceled dam projects and new aqueducts (Water issues anyone?)

- Established the California Energy Commission to block new power plants, thus PG&E has a stranglehold on the citizens of California with out-of-control power bills.

- He expanded the role of the Air Resources Board to the point that bakeries were required to install expensive scrubbers on their exhaust fans to protect the public from the "polluting" smell of freshly baked bread.

- Earned the title "Moonbeam" for espousing the notion that "if we don't build it, we won't need it"

- Perhaps most damaging to California was 1978 legislation signed by then Gov. Brown allowing collective bargaining for public employees. No single act has changed California for the worse more than this one. Before 1978, there was a relatively small state government. Employees were protected by civil service. Pay was lower than comparable jobs in the private sector but job security and good benefits – plus the old notion of "public service" – drew many talented people to work in government. Today, the primary goal of powerful public employee unions is to get the Legislature they bought and paid for to enact a new law making it illegal for any city or county to declare bankruptcy without guaranteeing union contract terms. Taxpayers and "public service" be damned.. Today's public-employee unions will spend millions in campaign money to elect compliant politicians to protect jobs that now pay 20-30 percent more than comparable positions in a private company and retirement benefits that too often pay a public employee more in retirement than when working.

-Oh. Let's not forget that pesky little medfly problem, which crippled California's agriculture due to then-Governor Brown's unwillingness to spray Malathion insecticide while the little fruit fly was isolated to a single coastal county.  It wasn't until it had spread to the "Breadbasket of the World", the San Joaquin Valley, and vitually every country in the world refused to import California produce, that he gave the okay to eradicate the little pest with, what else(?), Malathion.  The pesticide he refused to use in the first place, butnow forced to spray on a much larger scale and area.

California also elected Gavin Newsome, former mayor of San Francisco as Lt. Governor.  Gavin Newsome, a rash on the inner thigh of every Californian, is best known for:

Directing the San Francisco city-county clerk to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, in violation of the current state law, which later saw the marriages annulled by the California State Supreme Court.

 -Launched a taxpayer-funded $83,000 "public awareness campaign" in 2008 assuring illegal immigrants that the "sanctuary city" by the bay was in their court.  police officers and other city employees are prohibited from inquiring into immigration status. In addition, the city will not direct municipal funds or employees towards assisting federal immigration enforcement

The voters in the once-Golden State also rejected ballot Proposition 23, which would have suspended enactment of AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 until the unemployment rate returns to 5.5% for one year.  What does AB 32 do?

- AB 32 is expected to destroy over a million jobs.

 - Cost the average small business over $49,000 a year.

 - Cost the average family $3,587 a year.

Other highlights (or lowlights) of the evening:

- California re-elects Barbara Boxer to her 70th term in the Senate, thus making her the oldest midget to ever serve in the Senate.
- In Fresno, voters sent Henry Perea Jr., the boy wonder who has literally never held a job in the private sector, to Sacramento as Assemblyman.  We had last heard from little Henry in 2008 when he lost the Fresno Mayor's race, refused to congratulate the winner, and promptly disappeared for the next 6 months. Presumably he was curled up into a fetal position fretting over the election he felt he was entitled to win.
Henry says that he's ready to go to Sacramento and hit the ground running, as soon as his mom packs his suitcase for him ,and he buys some really cool new games for his Nintendo DS.
- Our one shining spot in Fresno appears to be that Andy Vidak will oust incumbent Jim Costa, who voted 3 times last year against turning on water to West Side farmers, essentially creating a man-made dustbowl, with the massive unemployment (over 45% in some communities like Tranquility) to go with it.
- California voters also rejected Proposition 19, keeping marijuana illegal.  I'm having 2nd thoughts on this, as people in the once-golden state are going to want to stay perpetually stoned for the foreseeable future, as we rush into bankruptcy, and the infrastructure crumbles around our feet.

While the rest of the Country voted to turn away from the economic cliff we are headed for, Californians stepped on the gas.  To the rest of the Country, California owes you a huge apology

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