Obama To MoveOn.org (Nov 3) No Compromise: Hopenchange Will Continue For...

Man up, Media and Open Your Eyes!
h/t to Breitbart and Big Media
Posted by Ron Futrell Nov 14th 2010 at 8:45 am
If Obama does not get it after this election, he never will. If the media does not get it after this election, it never will.

Now, you could easily argue that Obama absolutely gets it and he is doing exactly what he wants done in this country. He is a Cold Hearted Social Engineer and he thrives only by forcing others to obey him by fiat. I would be in that camp, have been for a long time. How could the most brilliant leader in the history of the world not know exactly what he is doing?

Change? He has never explained what he means by the word change. The media has never asked him, the media has never pinned him down on this, so, I will take it that they do not want to pin him down on this. They worship his Vagueness.

Watch this video of a conversation Dear Leader had with Moveon.lies the day after getting smacked silly in the mid-terms.

Change? He never explains it to the Moveon.sad crowd because he doesn’t have to. They know that change means turn America socialist. Government takeover of car companies, healthcare and whatever else is next on their hit-list, maybe the food system in this country. Shouldn’t every American have the right to three squares a day?

Where is the media in all of this? Man up, media! Pin this guy down on what change really means to this guy. Get specific with him, demand he answer, follow up with him for as long as it takes. Dear Leader has done hundreds of one-on-one interviews since he started preaching the Religion of Change and not a single media person has asked him for chapter and verse.

My guess is he will avoid the question like the plague. He did give the answer to Joe the Plumber when he told Joe that his goal was to “spread the wealth.” But the activist old media destroyed Joe for daring to ask Obama the question that they still will not ask. What does change mean?

“We need to keep working hard to give Americans the change they want.” Dear Leader said that. Did he already forget the election returns the day after America rejected his “change?” Obama himself said that his agenda was on the ballot for the election and we all saw that America could not be more clear in its rejection of that agenda.

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