Deroy Murdock: "Pre-flight screening has moved from safety to comedy"

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How Airports Should Profile Terrorists
By Deroy Murdock

As Americans fly this Thanksgiving holiday, critics of new security measures are arriving at airports in kilts. Subsequent pat downs will be enhanced, indeed.

Pre-flight screening has moved from safety to comedy. Before it devolves into tragedy, officials should start profiling terrorists.

After al-Qaeda's attempted bombing of FedEx and UPS cargo jets, any package from, say, Somalia to a San Francisco synagogue likely will get close scrutiny. This is profiling.

Now, obviously, packages are not people. Boxes have neither civil rights nor emotions. People do, and we always must be aware of and sensitive to that.

However, America must focus its finite capabilities on those who crave the destruction of planes and the people who ride them.

What would that profile be? Today's threat comes almost exclusively from militant-Islamic males between about 18 and 35 who hail from the Middle East and predominantly Muslim African and south-Asian nations. This profile was not drawn by anti-Muslim bigots, nervous Jews, or paranoid Southern Baptists. The terrorists themselves created this profile. Aviation has obsessed them for years.


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