Airport Screening: Forget The Scanning. We Need To Profile!!

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Bullseye!!  Profile!! Finally somebody says it. We are not talking about racial, ethnic, or gender.  We are talking about behavioral profiling. The Israeli's have been doing this for years and are very successful at it.  They have offered to share this information with us in the past, their techniques and the science behind it.  We refused that help.  The U.S. should revisit this as soon as possible.  They are thorough, efficient, and they identify people before they even get to the screening area..  Maybe it has to do with who might be getting kickbacks for the scanners?  Who knows.  The publics' volume on their dislike of the scanners and the current screening process is pretty high right now.  I wonder if the TSA will listen to people after the volume gets really loud during, and after, the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday travel season?  - Brian

Forget Body Scans and Pat Downs -- Let's Get Busy Profiling

By KT McFarland
Published November 17, 2010

Why don’t we start profiling for terrorists and stop trying to put everyone from toddlers to granny through the same security procedures at airports? We’re wasting money, time and the people’s patience in an effort to be politically correct. In the end, it’s not keeping us any safer; if anything it’s making us less safe since it’s diverting resources that could otherwise be used on better intelligence gathering, or developing screening devices for cargo on commercial and civilian aircraft, or checking containers before they enter U.S. ports.

Ultimately, though, the debate over whether to use the new scanners or not isn’t a choice between privacy and security – because we’re not getting security where we need it – we’re reacting to the last type of terrorist threat, not the current one or the next one.

Supposedly, these body scanners may, or may not(!) prevent the next underwear bomber, but again, let’s use some common sense – Al Qaeda has moved on! They’re putting bombs in UPS packages that make their way from cargo planes to passenger planes. They're plotting to place bombs inside bodies – the human bodies of suicide bombers, or of corpses or even animals – which will then be detonated remotely once in plane is in flight. Full body scanners are useless against those threats!

Read More at: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2010/11/17/forget-body-scans-pat-downs-lets-busy-profiling/

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