Battle between the Tea Party and the Establishment

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The author of this article is spot on.  The 2010 election was only the first salvo in what is sure to be a war that takes three to four election cycles.  This war is not about having purists in the Party.  That is an unrealistic standard, and people will have varying views on separate issues.  The only litmus test that any candidate should have is this: Their views, and thus their decisions, are based on whether or not something is Constitutional.  This standard should be applied to any legislation which is being proposed, as well as to review past legislation, Federal Departments, policies, etc., for de-funding and eventual abolishment.  The Tea Party needs to steel ouselves for the onslaught from the GOP party establishment.  The Murkowski's, Crist's, McCain's and others are not going to go away quietly.  This battle has just begun.  Now is no time for retreat. - Brian

Don’t You Go Away Tea Partiers- The GOP Establishment Is Fighting Back
Published: November 26, 2010

Next week here in my county we’ll have a Republican County Convention, and for those of you who can’t make it, I’ll give you a taste of what it is going to be- a battle between the Tea Party and the Establishment. Although many people in the Tea Party think this is some sort of new battle, it is in reality an old battle in the GOP, one that has pitted the libertarian/conservative/teaparty wing of Taft/Coolidge/Goldwater/Reagan/Palin vs the moderate/establishment/progressive wing of Roosevelt/Hoover/Nixon/Bush/McCain. For many years, the teaparty wing cowardly left the field of battle and stayed home while the establishment types ran thing, or would win a victory and then go home to pat themselves on the back while their victory was watered down by the establishment, but hopefully today will be different, because although the establishment has suffered some defeats lately, they don’t intend on going home either.

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