Why Is Wikileaks Releasing This NOW?

Glenn Beck: Why this? Why now? Wiki-leaks explained...

GLENN: I want to go over the WikiLeaks and last hour I asked you, are you surprised by anything that is coming out of the WikiLeaks stories? Are you surprised that these documents show that China has helped Iran with a bomb? No. We told you that. Are you surprised that North Korea may have supplied a bomb to Iran? No. We told you they were doing that. Are you surprised that Putin is not a friend of the United States? No, you'd have to be a dead man. Are you surprised that we're in a really difficult situation with our, quote, ally Pakistan? Are you surprised that the major funder of Al Qaeda is Saudi Arabia? No, I'm not surprised by any of these. Are you? Is anyone in America surprised by these? So why is this coming out?

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