Republicans: "Go Rove" or "Go Rogue,"

This is not an endorsement of Sarah Palin.  I simply believe that the author has it right on this one.  The Republicans need to be more about presenting candidates wh are solid conservatives, and who can articulate that conservative message, and quit worrying about if a candidate is too far right in a "blue" state.  Instead of trying to run these mealy-mouthed "moderate" RINO's who tell the voters what they think they want to hear, how about running solid conservative candidates who are more smash-mouth, telling it like it is, and change minds with solid, common-sense conservative principles.  It is defeatest for the Rove's in politics to concede that a state is blue from now until eternity.  It is not just about winning seats, especially when those seats are going to be occupied by people who do not reflect the platform of constitutional conservatism.  They only help to perpetuate the idea that there are no differences in the two Parties.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Going Rove: A Cynical Life
By Nicole Coulter

“A ship in harbor is safe … but that’s not what ships are built for.”
– Sarah Palin at Dayton, Ohio-announcement speech 8/29/2008
(Originallly penned by John A. Shedd in Salt from My Attic, 1928)

Far too many in the GOP these days seem content to play the game of politics not to lose. They’re looking for the least-offensive, most politically correct candidate to nominate against the latest liberal rock star.

The key for the Play-It-Safers is to not offend liberals ... they couldn't care less about offending large swaths of their own party.

Fortunately, a growing number of conservative Republicans are looking for something different. We've tried the safe and inoffensive way, now it's our turn. We want a candidate who will go balls-to-the wall, pedal-to-the medal for victory. Someone who will call out the media – instead of meekly tolerating their reeking piles of horse crap. Someone who won’t call political opponents, “my friends." And someone who doesn’t shrink away from “controversial” social issues, i.e. the pro-life position supported by a majority of Americans.

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