More Communist Propaganda

Who is Progress Illinois? With the goal of adding a progressive (read: Marxist) voice to the Illinois political media sphere, Progress Illinois launched in March 2008 thanks to a founding sponsorship from the SEIU Illinois State Council.

The old lady is Bea Lumpkin member of the Communist Party U.S.A.
The woman at 2:58 - Amanda Walston - Yeah, she is also known as Amanda Hamm, from Clinton, IL. She killed all 3 of her children by drowning them in Clinton Lake.
Great spokespersons.

Video is to rile up people using unempolyment as the catalyst. A problem that has been exacerated by socialist economic policies put forth by both the Obama Administration, and liberal Republicans in Congress over the last eight years, and ramped up since the 2006 Democrat takeover of both houses of Congress. - Brian

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