Islamic activist Sheikh Anjem Choudary encouraging U.S. Muslims to attack the United States.


Conference promotes Muslim world control
Most 'serious Islamic movements have this as their main objective'
Posted: November 22, 2010

9:17 pm Eastern
By Michael Carl
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Elliot Spitzer said on his CNN television program recently that Islamic activist Sheikh Anjem Choudary should be in jail for advocating violence against the United States.

The comment came after Choudary confirmed he was in contact with people inside the United States and was encouraging them to attack the United States.

The exchange appears on video:

But instead of being jailed, or even under investigation, Choudary soon will be addressing an international gathering of Muslims in London where a platform will be created to exhort attendees to work for the worldwide spread of Islam and Shariah.

The International Islamic Revival Conference is scheduled for Nov. 27, and Choudary is one of two headline speakers for the one-day event.

The British sheikh says organizers believe the international Muslim community is in disarray and the conference's purpose is to reverse that process.

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  1. Choudary is NOT a SHEIKE !!!
    He is NOT an IMMAM...he is a failed UK Solicitor who lives on benefits, and he should lose these benefits because he is able to get about easilly enough and work!

    This man is just a big Prick..he is a pretender...and the best thing that could happen is that ALL the media refuse to interview this little insignificant maggot.