Student Body President at Cal State Fresno Is Illegal Immigrant

UPDATE: The story of the California State University Fresno Student Body President, Pedro Ramirez, has taken a couple of interesting turns since my original post.  There are allegations that he may not even be illegal, but is using himself as a poster child for the Dream Act.  This is a plausible thing considering the timing of the announcement, and a nearly identical announcement from a Florida University within a 24 hour period.  There are also allegations of Mexican separatist views, which have been gleaned from his facebook site and twitter account (i.e."...I am Mexican, the greatest race in the universe".), and other statements he has made which are consistent with Mexican Separatist views.  He has also started PAC's, worked for and donated money to candidates, and possible filled out a voter registration card, which, all of which he is not allowed participate in if he is illegal.  If he has, he has broken numerous laws, including perjury (on his voter Registration form and drivers license), all of which would appear to eliminate him from being Student Body President, not to mention why he is allowed grants and scholarships.  Oh, did I mention he likes the communist Manifesto, and would like to meet Marx Lenin, and judging by o picture of himself, Che Guevara.  For more info, go to  The Real Pedro website . _ Brian     

 This is obviously a touchy subject here in the San Joaquin Valley.  The Fresno area is home to a lot of immigrants, both legal and illegal.  I will not approach this from a emotional standpoint, but only from an intellectual standpoint
    The student, Pedro Ramirez, came here with his parents when he was 3 years old.  This removes the argument that he is an "anchor" baby.  He is, as are his parents, in the country illegally.  The pro-illegal groups are going to tout the point, "See! He is proof that illegals can make it in the U.S."  Nobody doubts that. No one is questioning their work ethic or their intelligence.  The fact is, he and his parents are in the United States illegally.  I don't blame this on him.  He was three years old.  He is the innocent victim here.  However, I don't think that there should be no repercussions.  I don't think (and I already know what the CA Supreme Court said) that he, or any illegal immigrant should receive in-state tuition, government tuition assistance, or anything else that is going to come from the taxpayers. 
    He should be able to start a path to citizenship, as he is not at fault for his parents actions. However, his parents, not him, should each be required to pay a fine, as well as all costs in putting them on a path to legal residency (not citizenship).  They should be afforded only the rights of anyone else who comes here on a visa.  Thus, no voting rights, no welfare benefits, or other entitlements. To gain citizenship, they would have to return to their home country and start the process there.
    As for his position as Student Body President, my position is to let the students and administration work that out, and come up with a vetting plan for future elections (gee, sounds like the Presidential election - no I'm not a birther, so don't deluge me with birther posts).  The positive out of this is that it can open up the debate on how we deal with these issues in the future.  - Brian

Student Body President at Cal State Fresno Is Illegal Immigrant

Immigration activists are cheering for Cal State Fresno student body president Pedro Ramirez for being an example of the potential of America’s illegal immigrant population. But since an anonymous tip to the school’s newspaper outed Ramirez as an illegal alien who has been living in the U.S. since he was three-years-old, critics are demanding his resignation.

According to the LA Times, Ramirez learned he wasn’t a United States citizen when his parents revealed the secret as he was filling out college applications. Ramirez carried the secret with him to Cal State University where the 22-year-old now studies political science.

“In a way, I’m relieved,” Ramirez told the Times. “I don’t want to be a liability or cost the school donations. I never really thought this was going to happen. But now that it’s out there, I finally feel ready to say ‘Yes, it’s me. I’m one of the thousands.’ ”

But many are unhappy with Ramirez and are demanding his resignation, saying he wasn’t honest with the student body about his immigration status when he ran for president. “He misled the students … he should step down,” Cole Rojewski, president of the campus‘ College Republicans and one of Ramirez’s opponents in the race for president, said in a television interview.

Meanwhile, Cal State school officials claim Ramirez broke no rules in running for student body president and cannot be forced to resign. “To our way of thinking he hasn’t done anything wrong,” said Paul Oliaro, vice president for Student Affairs.

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