Islamic Flag Over the White House?

Charles Krauthammer takes on a Muslim's cleric's controversial comments on Islam and ABC's decision to put him on the air

Listen as Mr. Krauthamer points out that Europe has entire enclaves of Muslims, especially France, where even the police won't enter due to shari'a laws, or predictions that ALL of Europe will be Islam by the end of the century. They both agree that it can't happen here. I disagree. With a sympathetic media and appeasement-minded progressives to lead the "peace" crowds, it is definitely possible. Some do not want to be educated regarding the threat because it is easier to avoid the truth. For those that are open to learning, we need to ensure that we reach as many as possible regarding this very real threat. When someone like Anjem Choudary tells us what the aims of Islam are, then we need to, at the very least, assume that he and a lot of others are serious about their goals, and to take them just as serious as they do.

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