Unindicted terrorist co-conspirator leader hosted fundraiser for Sestak during the 2006 congressional campaign


2nd Sestak scandal days before election
Unindicted terrorist co-conspirator leader claims to have hosted home fundraiser for Democrat
Posted: October 29, 2010 1:00 am Eastern
By Art Moore
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Since his election to the House in 2006, Democratic Senate candidate Joe Sestak has fended off strong criticism of his relationship with the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a federally designated terrorist co-conspirator shown by FBI evidence to be a front for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Now in a tight race with Republican Pat Toomey for Sen. Arlen Specter's open seat, a report asserting Sestak was caught in a lie – denying that he was ever in the home of the director of CAIR's Pennsylvania chapter for a fundraiser on his behalf – has resurfaced.

CAIR-PA's Iftekhar Hussain affirmed to WND's Aaron Klein yesterday in a recorded interview for Klein's WABC radio show that he hosted a fundraiser for Sestak during the 2006 congressional campaign.

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