Reversing Obamadebt

Reversing Obamadebt
Obamacare will be a pivotal theme on November 2nd, but it is the underlying result of Obamacare, debt, that is fueling the backlash toward our current administration’s policies and the enablers in Congress who have rubber stamped an agenda of economic self destruction. Reversing Congress is the first step to undoing the economic policies of these spendthrifts.

Obamacare, Stimulus One, Stimulus Two, and runaway budgets will saddle generations of Americans with the burden of the most selfish “lets spend the people’s money” administration and Congress in American history. It is not, however, only the spending that will cripple America. It is the judgment of our elected officials in supporting agenda over economy that will stall recovery and ensure that the damage already done to our fiscal health will remain a chronic condition years into the future. Failing to reverse Congress may lead to the next round of daggers to American economy: Cap and Trade, tax increases, a VAT tax, and a host of bailouts for special interests.

In an unprecedented display of bravado, many Democrats are now running counter to the reality of what their party has done and are downplaying the damage they have inflicted on the country. Let’s not forget who they are.

From American Perspective

Now that the damage has been done everyone wants to know who needs to be held accountable in November. Below is the list of the 219 representatives that voted to pass this disastrous piece of legislation. Note that 34 Democrats joined every Republican in voting against it. Isn’t it nice to see that Obama is keeping his promise of ending partisanship? We actually had bi-partisan resistance to the bill, that’s certainly a step forward, right?
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Cleck here to see who voted YES

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