Democrats Stealing Elections: Illinois Dems Deny Military the Vote in 2010 Election

Illinois:  Suppress The Military Vote Campaign 2010

Earlier this week I posted a story of how up to 340,000 New York military menbers stationed overseas had not had absentee ballots mailed out to them yet per federal law. Now we hear of the same thing happening in Illinois.  I am of the opinion, where politics is concerned, that there are no coincidences.  This stinks to high heaven.

Both New York and Illinois are deep blue states (read: Democrat), with several incumbent Democrats in very tight races with their conservative Republican opponents.  Having 340,000 ballots not counted has HUGE ramifications on the final tally, especially when you take into account that the military, statistically votes conservative about 70/30.  Having this Justice Department say that they are going to investigate these two states does not give me a warm feeling for a couple of reasons.

1) Any investigation will stretch out long after the election is decided
2) No contingency plans are being made to give a time waiver to these soldiers, as their ballots will almost certainly not be postmarked by the November 1st deadline.  These soldiers, who risk their lives for us every day are essentially being told that they can't vote this election.
3) The Justice Department had a clear case of voter intimidation against the "New" Black Panthers in Philadelphia, and yet dropped all charges in what was clearly a violation of Federal election and Civil Rights laws.  I don't have any confidence that this investigation will provide any more justice than the case against the Panthers.

This White House and this Democrat Party see the writing on the wall this election and are flagrantly trying to alter the outcome of elections.  Voter fraud by the likes of SEIU and ACORN is despicable and undermines the democratic process.  Vote tampering by the government is tyranny!

Below is the latest story:

Democrats Stealing Elections: Illinois Dems Deny Military the Vote in 2010 Election
-By Warner Todd Huston

The Dept. of justice is investigating whether the Democrat Secretary of State for Illinois has somehow forgotten to send thousands of absentee ballots out to members of the military serving overseas and in this close election climate in Illinois, these ballots now not to be counted could be decisive.

Federal election law, specifically the Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE), states that every state must mail their absentee ballots 45 days before the election. However, Cris Cray, director of Legislation at the Illinois State Board of Elections, has reported that some of Illinois' voting jurisdictions have failed to mail ballots on time.

Reporters confirmed that Justice is investigating Illinois via a message from Justice Department spokeswoman Xochil Hinojosa.

"The Department is working with all states, including Illinois, to investigate and remedy and problems that will prevent our men and women serving overseas from having the opportunity to vote and have their votes counted," Hinojosa said.

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