Zero Tolerance = Zero Common Sense

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Zero Tolerance = Zero Common Sense

by Ted Nugent    10/16/2010

It was recently reported that a seven-year-old boy had been expelled from school for a year for having a toy gun in his back pack. That's right, seven years old, a plastic toy gun, expelled from school for a year.

This is yet another example of the counter-productive buffoonery of zero tolerance on parade. Rarely a week goes by that we don't hear about some other glaring example of such mindless zero tolerance, anti-common sense, frothing at the mouth madness that accomplished zero good for anyone.

Zero-tolerance restrictions are tools of deranged public education bureaucrats who are more interested in tossing good kids out of school than tossing bad teachers out of school. Poor-performing teachers are protected by powerful teacher unions and other such mystical impunity. Little kids who make innocent mistakes are protected by no one because it appears that no one in the public school system actually gives a damn about the students.

The bold truth is that the real objective of our public education system is to provide union jobs to teachers who provide votes and cash for Democrats. America's losing education system long ago tossed the important objective of providing a quality education to American kids into the trash can.

Parents realize what a veritable train wreck the public education system has become. More and more parents are home schooling their children, sending them to parochial schools and championing charter schools. Smart move. Smarter kids.

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