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Allen West calls on the “American Spirit
Posted by: cubachi  October 28, 2010
Despite all the junk being spewed by the democrat party and the complacent liberal media against Allen West, he’s taking no part of the nastiness of these fools.

West is calling for voters to remember what makes America great and prosperous: ingenuity, entrepreneurialism, liberty, and determination. This is all brought forth when government gets out of the way of American people and let the flourish with their ideas, and enhance the economic greatness of this nation.

West also distinguished himself from his pathetic democrat rival, Ron Klein, who has used some of the dirtiest tactics to tarnish this decorated Lieutenant Colonel and hero. Klein is about worsening the economy of a state that is among the worst of in the nation.

“This election comes down to a very simple choice,” West said in a press release that accompanied the release of the ad. “Ron Klein’s policies have mimicked those of Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama, and have left South Florida with some of the highest unemployment and foreclosure rates in the entire country.”

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