Barney Frank's Arrogance of Power

This is not just about Barney Frank. This is about the arrogance of far too many of our elected officials. Sheila Jackson Lee in Texas answering her cell phone while constituents ask her questions at a town hall. John Kerry essentially calling voters stupid. Rep. Hare in Illinois telling voters he doesn't care about the Constitution. Boxer and her "call me Senator. I've worked so hard for that 'title'" attitude. The list is endless. Tuesday Nov. 2 is a critical election. Don't let these arrogant, dismissive, unconcerned Congressman and Senators go back to Washington. We need to clean house. Vote November 2nd.

A constituent recounts her experience with Rep. Barney Frank: "What occurred to me by the time I got home was the arrogance...and I realize, here's me...stay at home special needs mom. [Barney Frank] was treating me like I was the, to a degree, the adversary."

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