Racial Stupidity and Malevolence

Racial Stupidity and Malevolence

Perhaps the most debilitating aspect of liberal malevolence is in the area of education. When college recruiters are more concerned about racial diversity than a student's preparedness, it's the student who suffers.
Thursday, September 09, 2010   By Walter E. Williams

The white liberal’s agenda, coupled with that of black race hustlers, has had and continues to have a devastating impact on ordinary black people. Perhaps the most debilitating aspect of this liberal malevolence is in the area of education.

Recently, I spoke with a Midwestern university engineering professor who was trying to help an inner-city black student who was admitted to the university’s electrical engineering program. The student was sure that he was well prepared for an engineering curriculum; his high school had convinced him of that and the university recruiters supported that notion. His poor performance on the university’s math placement exam required that he take remedial math courses. He’s failed them and is now on academic probation after two semesters of earning less than a 2.0 grade point average.

The young man and his parents were sure of his preparedness. After all, he had good high school grades, but those grades only meant that he was well behaved. The college recruiters probably knew this youngster didn’t have the academic preparation for an electrical engineering curriculum. They were more concerned with racial diversity.

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