Free Republic - Florida Congressman-Lawyer Alan Grayson (D) NOT Licensed To Practice Law In Florida!

Florida Congressman-Lawyer Alan Grayson (D) NOT Licensed To Practice Law In Florida!
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Posted on Thursday, October 21, 2010 7:47:25 AM by MindBender26

Dispicable Alan Grayson
 Florida Lawyer-Congressman Alan Grayson is the absolute darling of the Obama book-licking New Far-Left. He is the one who made a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives in which he claimed the Republican health care plan was for Seniors to “die quickly.” Grayson publically called a female DC lobbyist a “K Street whore.” Grayson told national TV viewers that former Vice President Dick Cheney has “blood dripping from his teeth” and that Rush Limbaugh is an “insane drug addict.”

Grayson is also the same man who packed a 126 seat "Town Hall" meeting with 95 Acorn members and other leftists, and only admitted 31 constituents at his only Obamacare Town Hall. He left after just an hour, claiming it was past his children's bed time!

Grayson also has a reported history of an involuntary stay in a mental hospital and crashing a Republican Party event and purposely disrupting the meeting.

Grayson's supposed qualifications for Congress highlighted that he sued people to get money for bad equipment given to soldiers. Of course, he did not give his awards from those cases to the soldiers. He kept the money. Grayson also claims he made tens of millions in the scandal-prone dot.com run-up then crash, but refuses to give all the details of how he supposedly became so rich.

One of the early complains about Grayson's run for Congress from Orlando was that he was a carpetbagger from New York, that he had no real ties to Florida. It was often said that Grayson had simply picked the hapless then-Congressman Rick Keller to run against, then moved to Orlando to establish a residence here.

But now the carpetbagger claim has gotten real teeth, as a review of the Florida Bar records reveal that Grayson is not a member. In other words, the multi-millionaire lawyer who is a Congressman from Florida, is not a Florida lawyer! You can check for yourself at http://www.floridabar.org/names.nsf/MESearch?OpenForm

Serious questions are being asked, but Grayson has refused comment on this.

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