***BREAKING*** Obama Admin Votes To Approve U.N. Gun Control, Void 2nd Amendment!!

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While the Obama Administration is embroiled in two gun-running scandals, ("Operation Fast and Furious", and the reported smuggling of weapons from Libya to Syrian rebels, which resulted in the Benghazi Embassy attacks and the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, two Navy SEALS, and a fourth embassy person), they voted to approve the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.

Sold as a way to regulate the sale and transport of illegal weapons between countries, the treaty is a massive power grab by the international community to regulate the rights of individuals to own or possess personal firearms.  It requires individual countries to maintain a national registry for the sale and possession of all firearms (link).

Somebody, please show me where any President has the authority to cede the sovereignty of our country and its Constitution to an international body. Particularly one made up of dictators, thugs, and despots.  This is a treasonous act by this President and this Administration, who has stated that he is "not coming for your guns", then turns around and votes to have the U.N. do just that!  His goal, along with all leftists is to disarm citizens, not only in this country, but all over the world.  The only ones left with weapons will be the governments and criminals.

So much easier to control "the masses" that way!

UN Passes Sweeping Gun Control Measure 
Tuesday, 02 Apr 2013 12:50 PM

The United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday signed off on a sweeping, first-of-its-kind treaty to regulate the international arms trade, brushing aside worries from U.S. gun rights advocates that the pact could lead to a national firearms registry and disrupt the American gun market.

The long-debated U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) requires countries to regulate and control the export of weaponry such as battle tanks, combat vehicles and aircraft and attack helicopters, as well as parts and ammunition for such weapons. It also provides that signatories will not violate arms embargoes, international treaties regarding illicit trafficking, or sell weaponry to a countries for genocide, crimes against humanity or other war crimes.

With the Obama administration supporting the final treaty draft, the General Assembly vote was 154 to 3, with 23 abstentions.
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