White House Spokesman Complains - "Drudge Report" Makes It Hard To Stay On Message

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Rush Limbaugh discussed White House spokeman Dan Pfeiffer's appearance on CSPAN-3, in which he laments that the media are influenced by what Matt Drudge does.  In other words, they ask questions that the White House doesn't want to have to address.  It screws up their propaganda Feng Shui, introducing unwanted stories which challenge their narrative.
Drudge doesn't even write 99% of what he posts on his site.  What Drudge does brilliantly, and what Obama and the White House hate,  is he digs up stories which might never be seen, or reported on, by the mainstream media, and puts them front and center on his web page.  He's a one-stop shop for news that people are interested in, and which just happens to challenge the narrative of the administration,and media outlets like the NY Times.
Oh, the horror!

White House Attacks the Drudge Report, as Obama Continues His Effort to Eliminate All Political Opposition
April 03, 2013

RUSH: The White House's Dan Pfeiffer, spokesman for the White House, is complaining again about the Drudge Report and chastising reporters for using it and then asking him about things on the Drudge Report. It's been a horrible thing to happen to news, the White House says, in America. Yep.
RUSH: The White House goes after Fox News by name, and the White House goes after me by name, because what the White House wants is to eliminate any opposition -- political, media, wherever it is.  That is the modus operandi of the president, rather than debate people and win in a contest of hearts and minds. They don't want to do that, no, no, just eliminate the opposition.  It's been the way Obama has approached politics since his first days in it.
Well, now they're back to calling out Drudge.  This is from the Washington Examiner.  "During a Playbook Breakfast event with Politico’s Mike Allen, White House Senior Adviser Dan Pfeiffer lamented the effect of the Drudge Report on the news cycle."  He said, "This is less true now than it was, but there's a Pavlovian response from some media outlets."  You mean like the Pavlovian response we got when Bush named Cheney to be his VP, gravitas?  If I've ever seen a Pavlovian response, it was that. About a hundred thousand media people all used the same word to describe the choice of Cheney: gravitas.  We've played that sound bite for you over and over again.  And there have been other examples.
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