Prescription Meds: The Left's New Path to Gun Control?

Posted by Brian

Psychotropic Drugs: An Anti-gun Statists Wet Dream!

Anti-gun hysteria has reached a fever pitch among lawmakers across the country, at both the state and federal level.  Legislation, which our so-called representatives are writing and passing, with nary any debate, is being proposed and voted on.  As posted on April 9th, the unintended consequences (or are they intended?) of the New York state anti-gun bill, misleadingly called the NYSAFE Act, is resulting in the confiscation of firearms from citizens who have done nothing wrong, save that they are on "anti-anxiety" medication.  An Attorney, Jim Tresmond, confirmed in a New York radio interview that this is indeed happening in New York. (Click here for the link to the interview)

(Connecticut's new gun legislation is expected to be even more prohibitive than New York's)

Now, before you say, "Yeah, we need to get the guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and those with mental issues!" Stick with me.  We're not talking about people who have severe mental instability, schizophrenia, or have shown documented evidence to be a threat to themselves or others. We are talking of people who have merely been prescribed psychotropic drugs used to treat any number of things, including mental disorders.  Sounds like a good thing, right?  Well, under that sweeping definition,  millions of Americans can be labeled as mentally unstable by a tyrannical government.  Under "psychotropic" are the following drugs: Ambien (a sleep aid), Antabuse (to treat alcoholism), Cymbalta (anti-depressant),Elavil (anti-depressant), Prozac, Lunesta (sleep aid), Ritalin (to treat ADHD), Valium (anti-anxiety), Xanax(anti-anxiety), and Welbutrin (smoking cessation aid), just to name a few. (For a more comprehensive list, click here)

The opportunity for the statists in the government to run roughshod over the 2nd Amendment with this is staggering.  I would venture that well over 50% of the population would qualify as mentally unstable by these standards.  Add to those, with both federal and state governments calling for universal gun registration to identify every legally owned gun in the country, the prospect that they would confiscate firearms from you even because a family member in you house currently is prescribed, or had ever been prescribed, drugs for anxiety or depression (mild or otherwise).  It would give a tyrannical government the authority to confiscate 99% of the legal firearms from the people.  Of course, the criminals would still be armed to the teeth, as I don't expect they will be rushing down to their local sheriff's office to register their weapons.

The left is on the march, and our 2nd Amendment rights have never been in more danger of being taken away.  Anyone who has the smallest interest in protecting their 2nd Amendment Rights need to speak up NOW, and get involved at ALL levels of government, as well as anyone within their circle of influence.  You have not been silenced yet, unless you refuse to speak up!
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