Video: Louisville Player Suffers Gruesome Injury In NCAA Tournament

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This is perhaps the worst injury that I have witnessed on national TV since Joe Theisman's broken leg injury against the New York Giants on Monday Night Football in 1985 (Video). In fact, the visual is worse, in my opinion.
With Louisville leading 21-20 with 6:33 left in the first half, Kevin Ware leapt up to defend a 3-point attempt. Landing awkwardly, replays show his leg appearing to bend in several directions below the knee.  Some said it looked like his leg exploded, as his right tibia suffered a complete break.
Louisville and Duke players and coaches all looked to be in shock. with several Louisville players in tears.
Louisville took strength from Ware, As Rick Pitino reminded his players throughout the game that Ware told him 12 times to "just win the game".
Louisville went on a 13-2 run in the second half to defeat the Blue Devils 85-63.
Ware has undergone a two-hour surgery to re-set the bone, close the wound from the injury, and have a rod inserted into his right tibia.The school said "a timetable has not been set for his return to basketball".

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