Man Facing Charges For Not Being Mauled By Bear

Posted by Brian
So setting up bird feeders in your yard now constitutes "baiting", and defending yourself from a wild animal attack is "murder".   Too bad it was a baby bear cub.  He could have just claimed to be performing a post-birth abortion on the bear cub!

H/T to Patriot Outdoor News
Posted on: April 9th, 2013

Photo: Anthony Hopkins in "The Edge"
A 76-year-old Auburn, Massachusetts man Richard Ahlstrand had spotted a black bear in his backyard last Thursday around his bird feeders. On Friday, he went to fill up his bird feeders, and as a precaution, he took his shotgun. Sure enough, the black bear showed up and started to chase the old man. The man aimed his shotgun at the bear and shot it, killing the bear before it dropped to the ground.

Now, he’s facing charges for illegally killing the bear, illegally baiting the bear, illegal possession of a firearm and failure to secure a weapon. Because he “murdered” the bear, police confiscated his shotgun as well as 2 others he had in his possession.
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