Obama Goes Wobbly On Syrian Chemical Weapons "Red Line"

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President Obama has said that if Syria were to use chemical weapons, it would be a "game changer", and is a "red line" that "will have consequences".
Britain, France and Israel have all said that they have confirmed through soil samples that Bashar Assad has used chemical weapons of mass destruction in both Aleppo and Damascus.
Jonathan Karl asked White House Minister of disinformation Jay Carney if the White House is taking any action now that Syria has crossed that "red line". Carneys's answer? Not really.
Saying that the White House needs to "assess the reports of chemical weapons use" from three allies, they need to continue to "monitor, investigate and verify any credible allegations", Carney then re-stated that Syria's use of chemical weapons is "unacceptable".
This is just more of the circular fan dancing we repeatedly get from the Obama Administration on virtually everything.
"Oh! They crossed the red line?  Well, move it back a little more.  Now, THIS is the real red line that you can't cross, and I REALLY mean it this time!"
Is it any wonder that N. Korea, Iran, and nearly every other regime hostile to the United States, has little regard or respect for what this President says? He's a clown! Obama thinks that the Hugo Chavez' of the world are laughing with him, while they are laughing AT him. Everyone but Obama himself, the Obama zombies who voted for him, and his liberal sycophant followers here in the media see him as a joke.
Mr. President, the first rule of drawing a line in the sand to your enemies:  You better be prepared to follow through on your tough talk!  They might just call your bluff.

Read the article and see the video at Foreign Policy
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