MO Turns Over Confidential Lists Of Concealed Carry Holders To Feds

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In violation of Missouri state law, the Missouri Highway Patrol turned over the entire list of concealed weapons holders in the state to the federal government.

There are at least two issues here.  One is that someone at the highway patrol believed it was permissible to violate state law (Class A misdemeanor), and turn over the confidential information of individual Missouri citizens.  The second issue, and one which is equally or more concerning, is who in the federal government is interested in learning the identities of all individuals who have concealed carry permits?

We're not talking of people who are suspected of engaging in illegal activity.  We're talking of the government collecting data on an entire group of people for the sole reason that they have applied for and received a legal permit for their own protection.  Does the government now see gun owners as suspected law breakers at some unannounced point in the near future?

Keep in mind that thousands of people in New York were legal gun owners up until a few weeks ago, but are now having their weapons confiscated due to sweeping legislation on the definition of who is a mentally disqualified citizen.

What other information is the federal government collecting on the American people?

Highway patrol gave feds Missouri weapon permits data 
By RUDI KELLER Wednesday, April 10, 2013 at 4:19 pm

JEFFERSON CITY – The Missouri State Highway Patrol has twice turned over the entire list of Missouri concealed weapon permit holders to federal authorities, most recently in January, Sen. Kurt Schaefer said Wednesday.

Questioning in the Senate Appropriations Committee revealed that on two occasions, in November 2011 and again in January, the patrol asked for and received the full list from the state Division of Motor Vehicle and Driver Licensing. Schaefer later met in his office with Col. Ron Replogle, superintendent of the patrol.
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