Pelosi Opens Her Pie Hole And Crap Falls Out...Again

Posted by Brian
She's one of the most vile, despicable persons to ever step foot into Washington, yet the deviants in San Francisco continue to reelect her time and again.

The woman who arrogantly said of the Health Care bill, "We have to pass it so you can find out what's in it", steps before the mics again to lay out lie after lie to a sympathetic press pool.  So in the tank for the Democrats, not even the slightest thought occurs to them to fact check what comes out of the mouth of the Pelosi, Reid, and Obama in Washington.  They dutifully run from the mics, and parrot the words of these charlatans.  They have zero intellectual curiosity to research if what they claim is true, no matter how outrageous the claim or accusation.

Right off the top, Pelosi goes to a favorite leftist accusation.  The GOP want to give subsidies to "Big Oil", and destroy women's access to health care. Yes, the "eeevil" oil companies. The suppliers of that product which gets us to work everyday, and heats our homes, and provides lubrication for our machinery,  The product which provides the following:

Clothing Ink
Heart Valves
Transparent tape
Vacuum bottles
Rubbing Alcohol
Just to name a few. (Here's a more comprehensive list)

But, how about those subsidies? An article by Gary Hufbauer in the Washington Times exposes this to be false.  The Democrats' throw around the word 'subsidy', but what the oil companies get is the same tax deductions as every other company.  Subsidy insinuates that the government is giving money to the oil companies, which is not happening.  But to a leftist like Pelosi, all money belongs to the government.  How much they let us keep is up to them.  So, following her twisted logic, any deduction that you are able to claim on your taxes is a "subsidy".  YOU should be thanking HER for letting you keep the fruits of your labor.

One of the tax deductions that the oil companies receive is a 2% deduction on refining and production, which is to help keep jobs in the United States.  With Democrats bemoaning the "outsourcing" of jobs to other countries, you would think that they would be cheerleaders for this deduction. They don't, because this isn't about jobs.  It's not even about oil. Nor is it about "women's health" or a fictional "war on women.  They demonize "Big Oil" because they are an easy target.  They make a lot of money, (though not what the Dems claim), and they provide the perfect foil to promote their class warfare agenda.  It's about power. It's about subjugation of the voters. Create straw men, no matter how ridiculous ( Obama's alligators in a moat comes to mind), convince the weak-minded to willingly give up more and more of their liberty in return for the table scraps that Pelosi, and the leftists in Congress and the White House, decide they deserve.

This is going to be a HUGE election, and we are going to see and hear more and more of this kind of insulting and infuriating rhetoric between now and November. The American people should take great umbrage that Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and scores of others in Washington and the State houses look at us a stupid, malleable dupes.  We can send them a message by sending their asses home in shame on November 6th.

Pelosi: GOP Wants ‘Subsidies for Big Oil,’ Democrats Want to ‘Prevent Breast Cancer’

By Elizabeth Harrington April 26, 2012

(CNSNews.com) -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said women’s health care is the “old favorite target” of Republicans when it comes to budget cuts, adding that while the GOP wants “to protect subsidies for big oil,” Democrats want to “prevent breast cancer” and “immunize our children.”


  1. I don't get this. "They dutifully run from the mics, and parrot the words of these charlatans. " Could you please enlighten me on this? I keep following all your posts hope you can regularly post more. I get very useful information here. Thanks for having this.

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    1. My point on this is that so many in the media are simply stenographers for whatever lies, half-truths, etc., that people like Pelosi, Reid, Obama, et.al., say on a regular basis. They don't fact-check what they say, no matter how ridiculous, far-fetched, or incendiary. The MSM is not interested in reporting the truth. They are interested in furthering an agenda.