Is Obama's Social Security Number Tied To An Alias, Harrison J Bounel?

I have not vetted this, nor am I vouching for this gentleman's character. However, the private debt collector (who claims he voted for Obama in 2008) bringing forth these allegations appears to have a very good handle on this information. In fact, the investigator (Al) shows some sympathy for the person, Barack Obama, and his upbringing, later in the interview.
He discovered the information during the course of an unrelated investigation.  His investigation unearthed possible real estate fraud, that Obama's SS# (042-68-4425) is fraudulent (doesn't exist), and that he is using it under an alias. He also discovered 58 addresses for Barack and Michelle Obama across the country, using different SS#'s than the one listed previously, including two different SS#'s in the State of Illinois.
If this information is true, Barack Obama has committed numerous felonies including identity theft over the years, and as recently as 2004.
To this point, this is hearsay. But, if true, Barack has some 'splainin' to do.

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