Marxist Indoctrination: Portland State Univ. Offers 'Revolutionary Marxism' Course

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For all of you parents sending your kids of to college to get "higher" education and a degree which better prepare them for a competitive job market, Portland State University is offering to (re)educate your little darlings in the art of leftist political activism and basic Marxist thought and theory - surefire concepts that will prepare them for gainful employment upon their graduation. Of course, that is if their goal after their leftist indoctrination is to be paid protestors at Occupy events, or SEIU-backed astroturf protests.  Not to worry though.  They also offer a course called 'Exploring Buffy the Vampire Slayer' as part of their 'higher education' curriculum.
Isn't it good to know that the nest egg you saved to pay for your children's education, is paying for courses that are intended to make your child hate their country, and have them look at you as part of the bourgeoisie exploiting the working class?

Posted on April 11, 2012 at 7:39am by   Erica Ritz

Portland State University is offering a number of controversial courses this semester, the likes of which include “Revolutionary Marxism: Theory and Practice,“ and ”Art Within Activism” (though students are also welcome to take “Exploring Buffy the Vampire Slayer”). 

The “Revolutionary Marxism” course is introduced in what appears to be the syllabus:  

The onset of the Arab Spring, revolts in European capitals against austerity, and the emergence of Occupy Wall Street here in the US have made the need for understanding revolutionary political theories [more] urgent than ever. This course is designed to introduce students to the basic concepts of Marxist thought with an emphasis on the practical applications of Marxist Theory in local political struggle.  We will focus on four major areas throughout the semester, including theFundamentals of Marxist Theory, Marxism and Oppression, Revolutionary Practice, and The Future of Socialism.  In exploring these four areas of focus, the course will compare and contrast revolutionary Marxism to Stalinism, reformist socialism, leading academic interpretations of Marxism, as well as other radical leftist ideologies. [Emphasis added] 

The course’s instructors, Grant Booth and Wael Elasady, are both admitted socialists.  Theydefine the course’s goals as:
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