Michelle Obama Assigns Barack Messiah-Like Status - Here We Go Again!

Posted by Brian
Yeah. Yeah. And the oceans are going to recede, and he's gonna turn water into wine, heal the sick, his image appeared on my toast, blah, blah, blah.
Michelle, just a little advice. We've seen this movie before.
One other thing: I know Jesus, and Barack Obama is no Jesus!

Michelle Obama: 'This President Has Brought Us Out of the Dark and Into the Light' 

4:49 PM, APR 17, 2012 • BY DANIEL HALPER

Michelle Obama made a remarkable claim when talking up her husband, President Barack Obama, at a campaign event earlier today in Nashville, Tennessee.  

"I am so in," Michelle Obama said toward the end of her remarks. "I am going to be working so hard. We have an amazing story to tell. This president has brought us out of the dark and into the light."
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