Arizona Immigration Law Protestors - Illegal Immigrants Should Be Allowed To Vote

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Well, at least they're honest about their goals, unlike the Democrats and the Obama Administration.

This is really what the immigration and voter ID debates are really all about.  For the Democrats, and those on the left it is, and always has been, about boosting voter rolls with millions of new Democrat voters.  It is about stuffing the ballot boxes with millions of votes from those who are Constitutionally prohibited from voting, either because of their citizenship status or due to felony convictions in the past.

The knowledge, or lack thereof, of the protestors who are interviewed is stunning.  Some of the protestors whom MRC TV's Dan Joseph attempted to interview spoke no English. Zip, zero, nada. Three guesses as to the immigration status of those individuals. One guy who said he was running for Vice President(?) on the the Socialist ticket admitted that his whole family was illegal, and had been for twenty-three years! Of course he 'clarified' that "nobody is illegal", just "undocumented".  Glad he cleared that up.

These are your Democrat/Socialist/Marxist voters.  This is the mentality of the voters who swept Barack Hussein Obama (Mmm, mmm, mmm!) into the Oval Office.  These are the mental defectives that cancel out the votes of millions of hard-working American patriots, both native-born and who immigrated legally, who still believe in the American Dream, the rule of Law, and the Constitution.  These people are representative of the mentality of the leftists who are running the country.

Where will you be November 6th?


Posted on April 27, 2012 at 7:51am by  
Jonathon M. Seidl

This week, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the Arizona immigration law case. And where there are Supreme Court oral arguments in big cases, there are usually protesters. MRC TV went out and interviewed the protesters chanting and singing outside the Court this week in support of the bill and asked a simple question: Should illegal immigrants be allowed to vote in America?
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