Obama's Change - Gas Hits $7/Gal in California!

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Democrats working to enrich the lives of the "little guy" 

More “Transformation” from Obama: $7 a Gallon Gas!

- John Lillpop  Sunday, April 8, 2012 

While millions of Americans suffer the economic anguish of ever- escalating gasoline prices in a morbid economy, environmental elitists in the Obama Administration have cause for celebration.

To wit, gasoline prices have reached $7 a gallon as the Obama-Chu goal of $8 a gallon edge closer to reality.
As reported at the reference, in part:

AVALON, CATALINA ISLAND (CBS) — Catalina Island is known for many things… its picturesque scenery, seafood and hiking, to name a few. But what about high gas prices? For the past two weeks, gas prices on Catalina Island have been an average of $7 a gallon.

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