Earth Day Partier's Show Reverence By Trashing Park

Posted by Brian
In an annual ritual, it did not take long for me to find a story of "green"disciples leaving their temporary habitat completely trashed.  Having been to one of these, out of curiosity, a few years back, I found that attendees get to learn how to be green, sing songs of praise to Mother Earth, and generally get to feel morally superior to those who "don't get it".

Well, apparently being green also means getting shit-faced and leaving beer containers, bottles, and paper and plastic bags everywhere.  This year's attendees may have outdone themselves though.  Among the refuse this year was a coffee table(!), presumably left behind for the squirrels and other animal friends to dine in style.

Just to be fair, Earth Day and modern day environmentalism have nothing to do with "Saving the Planet", or making the world a better place, anyway. It's about indoctrinating mostly young people, as well as reinforcing the beliefs of a bunch of 60's and 70's burn-outs, with the message that humans are bad, capitalism is evil, and the Earth would be better off without us here.  It's also a message of collective guilt, redistribution,  and one-world gobbledygook.  In other words - how to bring about our Marxist utopia!

Ah, to be green, drunk and stupid!

Marina Partiers Leave Behind Massive Fort Mason Mess

Happy Earth Day, everybody! Just when we thought our faith in the drunkards had been restored, we spotted this disaster area left behind after throngs of Marina District revelers took their overconsumption outdoors yesterday afternoon. After a brief stop at the Marina Dateway, where the neighborhood grocery store was experiencing a run on domestic beer and ladies were overheard discussing the caloric content of various vodkas, we found this scene on the grass at Fort Mason around 7 p.m. Saturday evening.

What looked something like this during the afternoon, by sunset looked like a good place to catch Hepatitis. That's also when the seagulls started swooping in, probably looking for beer can rings to choke themselves to death with. (Because of how disappointed in humanity they were.)
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