FidelCastro/Hugo Chavez Boot-licker Sean Penn says Rick Santorum "anti-American"

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Fast-forward thirty years, and Jeff Spicoli, the burned-out stoner from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, appears with Piers Morgan in a prime-time CNN interview.  A little grayer, and sporting a mustache you normally see on some guy wearing polyester plaid pants and an open-chested shirt, he reminded me of a guy I saw in San Francisco trying to entice people off the street to enter a place called the 'Condor Club'. His sales pitch was, "See Juicy Lucy, the human tripod!".

Well, Spicoli may be older, but he is no wiser than when he sat in Mr. Hand's class at Ridgemont. He does, however, sound just as wasted.

Sean Penn is living proof that a great actor does not mean you are a great thinker. Great actors immerse themselves in characters, able to feel and express the emotions of those characters. Sean Penn is better than most. From 'Fast Times', 'Taps', 'Carlito's Way, 'Dead Man Walking, 'I Am Sam', to 'Milk', Penn has brought to life some memorable characters.

The other side of Sean Penn is his political activism.  In this, he has, and continues to embrace unfailingly embrace every leftist/socialist/communist dictator around. While claiming to be "pro-American", he bad-mouths the very country that has made him a wealthy person.

Stating that Rick Santorum has not read the Constitution is typical leftist hyperbole, based on Santorum's time in the Senate and having a Law degree, but then claiming that it is he that is pro-American and pro-Constitution is simply laughable.  I'm sure that Fidel and Hugo got a big kick out of it too.

Sean Penn should, if he feels America is as horrible as he has said in the past, renounce his citizenship and move to Cuba or Venezuela.  Maybe even Argentina. They have the modern-day version of Evita running their country now. It's sure to become a worker's paradise, just like Cuba, over the next decade or so.

Sean Penn: Rick Santorum Is 'Anti-American' - 'Did Not Read the Constitution' 

By Noel Sheppard | April 23, 2012 | 22:14

Sean Penn on Monday said former Senator Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) is "anti-American" and "did not read the Constitution."
Rather hysterically, the Oscar-winning actor also told CNN's Piers Morgan, "I am very pro-American in the sense of a Constitutional America": (Continue Reading Here)

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