John Fund Intellectually Evicerates Maher and Weiner

Posted by Brian
 John Fund took Anthony (Screech) Weiner and Bill Maher to the cleaners on a recent episode of "Real Time",  Bill Maher's show on HBO.
Maher, who has made a career of using ad hominem attacks on people he disagrees with, pulling quotes out of context and mixing them with sometimes clever and funny insults, looks baffled when confronted by someone who challenges him with actual facts and intellectual arguments.  John Fund, who found himself defending Glenn Beck and Ginni Thomas (the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas), did so with facts which even the great "intellectual giant" Bill Maher was unable to refute.  In the end, Maher and Weiner came across a petty and not particularly informed on the issues they were attempting to debate. 

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