NY Times: Liberals, Socialists, Communists & Muslim Brotherhood Working Together In Egypt

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Some details are beginning to come to light regarding the "spontaneous" uprisings in Egypt and across the Middle East - Leftist organizations, unions, and the groups like the Muslim Brotherhood have been cooperating and organizing with each other to destabilize the governments in the countries where we are seeing these riots.  In one of the more ludicrous statements, one naive socialist woman states that she "like(s) the Brotherhood most" because they are good at "organizing", though she admits that “They always have a hidden agenda, we know, and you never know when power comes how they will behave."  One word for you Miss Sunshine - Caliphate.  Leftists, even those with opposing agendas, are working together to topple some of these regimes, hoping that all will wash out in the end.  Marxists living in harmony with fascists. Coptic Christian socialist creating a utopia with Islamists.  All one big happy family. 
Everybody! "Kumbayah".

Wired and Shrewd, Young Egyptians Guide Revolt

Published: February 9, 2011

CAIRO — They were born roughly around the time that President Hosni Mubarak first came to power, most earned degrees from their country’s top universities and all have spent their adult lives bridling at the restrictions of the Egyptian police state — some undergoing repeated arrests and torture for the cause.

They are the young professionals, mostly doctors and lawyers, who touched off and then guided the revolt shaking Egypt, members of the Facebook generation who have remained mostly faceless — very deliberately so, given the threat of arrest or abduction by the secret police.

Now, however, as the Egyptian government has sought to splinter their movement by claiming that officials were negotiating with some of its leaders, they have stepped forward publicly for the first time to describe their hidden role.

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