VOMIT ALERT: Pelosi: "Republicans Put Women And Children Last"

This is the same, tired mantra of the left: "Women, children and minorities hit hardest." Okay, so she didn't play the race card (this time), but the Democrat message template always follows one, or all, of those paths. There is not a single government program or entity that is not a "sacred cow" to those on the left - except the military. The government has spent over $9 Trillion dollars on welfare since its inception and we have...what to show for it? How is that war on poverty working out for you? These government programs don't work because they are based on entitlement instead of empowerment. It is not impossible to get out of the welfare system, but all of the incentives are to keep a person in the system. The only incentive that a person has to get out is their own self-respect, which gets slowly sucked out of them the longer they are in the system. Nancy Pelosi has the chutzpah to claim that she cares for these people? She and her ilk have been the ones promising better lives to these people for generations, all the while putting roadblocks in front of them every step of the way. If you want to see what a vampire looks like, look at Nancy Pelosi, as she sucks the human spirit out of every one of those whom she claims to stand up for.

Posted by Brian

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