Welfare Has Destroyed Black Americans

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Welfare Has Destroyed Black Americans

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The vast majority of black men used to be hard working family men. These were men that would earn an honest wage to provide for their wives and children, and if need be, work multiple jobs to ensure their family was secure. I know this may be hard to believe, but black men would actually go off to work, while the wife stayed home to tend to the home and children. Admittedly, it’s hard for me to believe this also since I have never seen this picture in my lifetime. Nevertheless, I have to take history’s word for it.

The pathetic picture we see today is a gross number of black women standing in welfare lines, while their “baby’s Daddy” hits the streets with the “homeboys” (and definitely not because he is looking for a job).

Yes, most blacks today are uneducated, they are not useful assets to their employers, they are poor, and they are on some sort of government subsidy. I’m being very kind in this description because the objective reality is far worse. I call this modern day slavery, which may actually be worse than the pre Civil War slavery that occurred. Yes, many blacks were held and forced involuntarily to work for another man as his life was counted as mere property (which was not only unconstitutional, but unbiblical). However, three to five years after the 13th amendment was passed by a Republican dominated Congress, and signed off by the first Republican President, black men quickly became articulate Congressmen, enterprising entrepreneurs, university professors and educators, and wealthy and productive American citizens.

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