You Converted To Christianity? We Kill You!

Posted by Brian
Spontaneous pogroms breaking out across the Muslim world, news stories of the persecution of Christians becoming all too common.  Now, a report of a man who converted to Christianity and is sentenced to be executed in Afghanistan.  How long can those who continue to support this ideology as a "religion of peace", be blinded to what is right before their eyes?  This is religion that is spread and enforced at the tip of a sword.

Afghanistan: Red Cross worker to be hanged for converting to Christianity

"Hello, Hamid? It's Hillary...Yes, yes, peace be upon those who are rightly guided indeed...Fine, thanks, and you?...A double eagle on a par-5 hole! Wow, that's terrific...Yes...Look, Hamid, about this Said Musa character, or Musa Sayed, or whatever. You know who I mean? Yes, that's right, the accursed murtadd dog. Look, Hamid, I know how you feel, and you know how much I respect Islam, but you guys are making it harder for me to keep on saying how peaceful and tolerant Islam is. Can you cut me some slack here, please?...
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