Making Us Less Safe - Obama Admin Allowing Women SEAL's/Rangers by 2015

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As if further proof is needed that the Obama Administration and his limp-wristed, milquetoast SecDef Chuck Hagel are intentionally weakening our military fighting force, we now get a story from the NY Daily News that there are plans to allow women into the Special Operations teams known as the Navy SEAL's and Army Rangers.

Obama with intellectual midget and SecDef Chuck Hagel
This is not only disturbing, it is an outrage!  We're not talking about your average military billets here.  These are the top 1% of the top 1%!  The mental demands are not what are at issue here.  I fully believe that any motivated woman can fire a weapon a well as her male counterparts.  But the physical demands that are placed on the men who go through the training required to qualify as SEAL's and Rangers would be considered torture by some[Watch video].  And they go through it willingly.  These men are a complete different breed both mentally and physically.

This isn't like allowing a girl to join the boys Pee Wee football team when she's 12 years old.  This is akin to lining her up across the interior line from Ndamukong Suh in the NFL.

Of course, Hagel, Obama and the boys have it all figured out.  While denying that they will lower the physical standards,  Daily news story also says that "the services are methodically reviewing and revising the standards for many jobs, including strength and stamina, in order to set minimum requirements for troops to meet regardless of their sex".

Well, that certainly sounds like they are considering lowering the standards to help women meet them! Lowering standards for any job, to "level the playing field" for anyone, is a load of crap.  Lowering them to please a bunch of politicians and women's rights activists to help seal their legacy is criminal!  This will get good men AND women killed! That's right - KILLED!

For you women, as well as you sensitive metrosexuals out there standing up for "gender equality", let me clue you in on something.  Men and women aren't equal!  Biologically we are ,and always have been, different.  We are born with different muscle mass. We think differently.  We are built differently.  This is not to say men are better than women, it is to say we are different.  To pretend differently is naive, and in cases like this, dangerous.

The really sick thing in all of this is that Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, the NOW gang, and others will celebrate this (if it is implemented) as some sort of "victory" for women.  Pelosi, Boxer, and their ilk don't give a damn about women!  Like everything else to them, women are voting blocs and political pawns to be exploited for their own ambitions and power.

In their sick, twisted minds, if some women (and men) have to be sacrificed on the field of combat for their legacies, so be it.

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Women could train as Army Rangers and Navy SEALs within a few years, military plans show 
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