Opinion: Paula Deen's Best Hope For Redemption? Absolution from the POprah!

Posted by Brian

I'm finally going to weigh in on the Paula Deen "controversy" which has dominated the news cycle for the past week. For starters, I am NOT a Paula Deen fan, and I find her "Southern" charm affected.  I saw one of her shows several years back while scanning channels. I think it was called "Paula's Party", although I'm not completely positive that was the name.  I found it to be insipid and nearly impossible to watch.

She and I, I'm fairly certain, do not share the same political ideology.  She openly supported Barack Obama in 2012, which anyone with a single conservative bone in their body would find impossible to do.

That said, I find what has happened to Paula Deen to be disgusting.  It doesn't necessarily make her a racist, though.  I, as much as anyone else, find the pejorative which she admits to using a disgusting and unacceptable term to be used by anyone - white, black, brown, whoever.  The argument that it is okay for Jami Foxx or Eddie Murphy to use the "n-word" is bull, and a double standard that should be addressed.

What is more interesting about all of the media shock, outrage, and bluster are the giddy round table discussions on the morning shows.  Self-appointed bigot police who argue that it doesn't matter when she said the "n-word", whether it be a week or ten years ago, Paula has some "splainin' to do".

So of course, Paula has been out there on her apology tour - on TV, the internet, and of course, her tearful and slobbering show of repentance on The Today Show - shamelessly begging the forgiveness of the American people for her sin(s).  You see, though she has issued several apologies, sincere ones it appears, this is not enough for the PC media.  No, the offender must be utterly humiliated and broken down over days or weeks to squeeze the maximum ratings out of these spectacles.

Deen even invoked the name of "Reverend Jackson", saying she had reached out to him in order to demonstrate she is not a racist.  This probably galls me more than anything else about this.  Not just for this incident, but for previous similar ones involving other people as well.  Jackson even said that Paula Deen can "be redeemed".  Oh, Please! Note to Jesse Jackson: YOU don't have the power to offer redemption, you pompous race-hustler!

Why Jesse Jackson is even relevant anymore, let alone someone who you would go to for absolution or spiritual matters, is the biggest outrage of all.  His numerous sex scandals with women not his wife, are well documented for the esteemed "Reverend". It was while he was giving "spiritual counsel" to then-President Bill Clinton regarding his affair with Monica Lewinski, the it was discovered that Jackson was in the midst of another affair all his own!  Bill and Hillary have been reported to have have said the "N-Word" on more than a few occasions, but get a pass for Bill being the "first black President".

It was the anti-semite Jesse Jackson who referred to Jews as "Hymies", and to New York City as "Hymietown" in 1984.  "But that was nearly 30 years ago", you say.  It was only 2008 when Jackson, speaking of an Obama Presidency said, "'Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades' remain strong, they'll lose a great deal of their clout when Barack Obama enters the White House." I won't even go into the allegations of corporate shakedowns, or of the mystery of how the blood so opportunistically got on Jackson's sweater following the assassination of Martin Luther King, which led to the rise of Jesse Jackson in the civil rights movement.

Even with all of this pronating herself before the nation and the media, what has Paula Deen been able to accomplish?  The Food Network has fired her.  Home Depot and Wal-Mart have done likewise.  Her career is in freefall.  Nothing she has done - apologizing, humiliating herself on national TV, reaching out to civil right's leaders - will make one iota of difference to those who she thought would help her and stand behind her.

None of this will help because, apart from the ratings which they crave, the media and politically elite are consumed by racial politics. Able to twist themselves into intellectual pretzels, the use of the n-word by black comedians, cracker, whitey, or white/trailer trash by the "enlightened" elitists, are labeled acceptable. MSNBC's Chris Matthews literally can't make it through his show without labeling some person or group as racist for merely opposing the President's policies, all the while labeling Obama's critics as "crackers".

Chris can never pass up the opportunity to demonstrate his "white guilt" bona-fides.  Of course, Matthews is never taken to task for any of this because the racism he exhibits is acceptable. It is the subtle bigotry of low expectations.  He and other elites actually look down on blacks, Hispanics, women, and others.  To Chris and others, minorities are of inferior intelligence and motivation, incapable of raising themselves up without government handouts.  Life is rigged against them.  It is the reason that when someone like Allen West, Star Parker, or some other member of the minority community who rose up from less than affluent backgrounds, become successful and speak out about the opportunities that are available with hard work, education, and stick-to-itivness, they are called "Uncle Toms", "sell-outs", and "race traitors".  Instead of being held up as positive examples, they are brutally excoriated. They don't represent the leftist agenda, which is to keep all of these groups in a perpetual state of economic slavery, accepting the crumbs which leftist like Pelosi and Reid are so kind enough to occasionally toss their way.

Paula Deen never stood a chance.  The accusation was enough to destroy her.  When she was actually honest, admitting that she had used the n-word, even though she claims it was years ago, her goose was cooked. She was white, and she had a Southern accent (proof of racism and low intellect). No amount of apologizing or genuflecting could help her.

Well, there is ONE more thing Paula Deen can still do to resurrect her career.  Get absolution from the one person who is able to grant it: The POprah!  Grant an exclusive, prime-time interview to "The POprah", with the obligatory tears, genuflecting, and pleas for forgiveness. A generous monetary gift to one of Winfrey's schools probably won't hurt, either.

A thumbs-up and forgiveness from The POprah may be Paula Deen's final option for redemption. Not that she needs it from any of these people in the first place.


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