MSNBC: Wisconsin Dem Claims GOP Requiring a pre-Abortion Ultrasound is just like the Taliban

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Wisconsin State Sen. Lena Taylor
On MSNBC, Ed "putty face" Schultz said that Republicans are ramping up the "War on Women", and are putting and "iron fist to democracy".
Finding a sympathetic ear in comrade Schultz, Wisconsin State Representative Lena Taylor made the following ridiculous statement:

"This is no different than when I went to Turkey and heard of what the women in the Middle East are experiencing with the Taliban".

Really Representative Taylor? No difference? So,requiring an ultrasound is comparable to having a forced clitorectomy? An ultrasound is just like women in the Middle East being jailed for having the audacity to be raped? Or maybe it's just like getting acid thrown in her face if a breeze blows her hijab,  exposing her face to a male member of her society?
This is the type of extreme crap that the left use as talking points, confident that the Ed Schultz' of the world won't even bother to challenge such a ludicrous comment.
One blogger on the left, who I'm sure thinks of himself as intellectual,  even called a pre-abortion ultrasound as non-medical "RAPE"! Maybe this guy should go talk to some actual rape victims before positing such an asinine comparison.
But this is the schizophrenia seen on the left, who on the one hand remind us of how wonderful and peaceful these islamists are, labeling those who disagree as islamophobes, and in the same breath talk of their war on women, and how brutal they are.
Trying to follow the "logic" of these leftists is like playing a game of intellectual "Twister". "Right brain, 'Red'". "Left brain, 'green'".

Jun. 17, 2013 12:46pm Becket Adams

A Wisconsin Democrat over the weekend compared her Republican colleagues to the Taliban for supporting and passing a bill that would require women to get an ultrasound before being allowed to have an abortion.
During the debate over the bill last week, lawmakers and demonstrators who opposed the measure shouted and protested loudly, leading to the forcible removal of certain protesters from the senate gallery, TheBlaze reported.  And according to Democrat State Senator Lena Taylor, her Republican colleagues behaved just like the Taliban.
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