Romney 2011Tax Return: Paid 14.1% In Taxes, 29% Of Income To Charity

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Well, the big day is here! Mitt Romney has released his tax return for 2011! And...I could care less.

All of the run up to this, with the Democrats and the media trying to turn this election into how much Mitt Romney pays in taxes is asinine.  And a distraction from the real issues facing our country.

Unemployment is still sky high, Total workforce participation is at an all time low, more people giving up looking for a job than are finding one.  Our foreign policy is in shambles. The Middle East and Islamic countries are on fire, the result of a failed foreign policy and a President seen as weak and feckless (sorry libs, but it's not about a movie). Iran is ready to go nuclear, and Israel is preparing to go it alone, as Obama makes it clear that he is not an ally of Benyamin Netanyahu and Israel, even if the vast majority of Americans are.

Yet, the media is concerned with how much Mitt Romney pays in taxes. Well, we now have the answer.  A lot. Seven figures. Three times what Obama pays.  "But, but, Mitt Romney only pays 14.1 percent in taxes and Obama payed 20percent!"  I guess Romney has better accountants than Barack Obama. OR, maybe its because he gave over $4 million to charity, thus lowering his taxable income!  It must be that he trusts himself with where his money is spent than the Federal government.  One other little side note: Romney didn't even clam all of his charitable deductions! Thus, his taxable percentage was even higher than it could have been.  In other words, he voluntarily payed even more than he was required to. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Harry Reid! By the way Harry, You owe Mitt Romney a public apology.  I won't hold my breath. It's already proven that you have no honor.

Since the Dems are so concerned with  Romney paying his "fair share", let's take a look at good old Joe Biden (video below), who said of the "wealthy" in regard to taxes and being greedy:

"Time to be Patriotic. Time jump in. Time to be a part of the deal."

Well, since Joe is so generous with other people's money, how generous is he with his own?
From 1998-2007, generous Joe gave an average of $369, or .3% a year to charity. His generosity is stunning. Most military men and women give more to through Combined Federal Campaign charity drives each year.  And trust me, they make nowhere near what a Congressman makes.  Since becoming Vice President though,  Jumpin' Joe has upped his charitable donations to over $5000, or 1.46% of his income. Wow, Joe! Looks like you need to jump in, and be part of the game, because right now you are barely getting your toe wet.

The fact is, I am just glad that this is out of the way. It's just an annoyance.  Of course the media is going to point out the Obama payed 20%, but that is easily parried.  Truth is, most Americans don't really care about this issue.

It just good to point out the Dems hypocrisy, and to see Harry Reid choke on his own lie about Romney not paying taxes.

Tax records: Romney donated 29 percent of income to charity in 2011
Published: 4:19 PM 09/21/2012 By Neil Munro

Mitt Romney has donated nearly 13.5 percent of his income to charity over the last 20 years, according to a statement from his accountants at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Those charitable gifts reached 29 percent of his income in 2011 when he donated $4 million out of his $13.7 million income, according to a Sept. 21 statement describing the Romney’s 2011 tax returns.
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