CNN: Dems Claim Of 4.5M Jobs Created Not Even In Ballpark

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None other than CNN is blasting the Democrats' and Obama Administration's claim that 4.5 million new jobs have been created due to Obama and Democrat policies. While saying that the numbers are "technically" correct, CNN says that when you put everything in context, the economy has actually lost well over one million jobs since Obama took office.

In addition, CNN points out that of the over 5 million private sector jobs lost, 80% were medium to high paying jobs.  Yet, of the jobs gained, over 60% were low paying jobs.

CNN does miss one salient point in its analysis. While pointing out that unemployment is now higher than when Obama took office, by a full percentage point, they point out that we are better off than at the high point of 10% unemployment.  Once again, context is the key here.  While technically, the unemployment percentage IS better, what is missed is that the number of people counted in those numbers has decreased. NOT due to fining employment, but due to those who have stopped looking for work, do not collect unemployment, and are now on the welfare rolls.  These individuals are not counted in the unemployment figures, which has the effect of making unemployment appear lower that is actually is. When those people are identified, the "real" unemployment jumps to over 15%!

The problem for Obama is that the average person sees that the economy is not getting better. DNC talking points are not going to convince those people who actually see their friends and family members struggling, or the scores of new homeless people and families in their communities.  The misery is right in front of their faces, and no amount of election-year slogans and twisting of fact is going to change that.

Can you say, "Massive Failure"?

CNN Fact Check: About those 4.5 million jobs ...
By the CNN Wire Staff updated 7:33 AM EDT, Wed September 5, 2012

(CNN) -- Anyone watching the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night heard the number 4.5 million several times. "Despite incredible odds and united Republican opposition, our president took action, and now we've seen 4.5 million new jobs,"
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, the party's keynote speaker, said. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who served as President Barack Obama's chief of staff, and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who followed Obama's November rival Mitt Romney as governor of Massachusetts, both cited the same number.
It's a big-sounding number, given the still-sputtering job market. So we're giving it a close eyeballing.
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