Despite Media Love Fest, Obama DNC Bounce Evaporates

Posted by Brian
With a 6-point convention bounce for Obama, Democrats and the media were calling the election over What started as a thrill up their collective legs has now turned into a trickle down the crack of their ass. Romney is surging and polls show him ahead in key battleground states.

Even as the media brazenly advocates for an Obama second term, the American people aren't buying it. The people bought into Obama's promise of "Hope & Change" in 2008.  In 2012, we just want a change in leadership.

by MIKE FLYNN  18 Sep 2012

This afternoon, Gallup reported its latest presidential tracking poll, finding Obama's lead had slipped again. Today, he leads Romney, among registered voters, by 1 point, 47-46. This is the same level of support he had before the Democrat convention. More importantly though, it represents a 6-point swing in Obama's support in one week. Last week he led by 7 points. Clearly, the media will tell us this is trouble for Romney.
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