Black Caucus' Cleaver: Blacks Who Don't Vote Should Have African-Amer Card Revoked!

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Emanuel Cleaver, Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus told a voting rights forum audience that blacks who don't vote should "give us their color back".

Mr. Cleaver, what are blacks supposed to do when "the One" who was supposed to be "leveling the playing field" and redistributing "Obama money" to "his people" turns out not to be the great savior the you, and he, promised?

The bottom line Mr. Cleaver, is that not only has Barack Obama failed to turn around the economy, unemployment, and every other thing that he promised to deliver, but blacks have done even worse under his Presidency than the general population.  He has not only failed to help the black community, but blacks have lost ground economically.

It is you Mr. Cleaver, as well as most other members of the CBC and Democrat Party who have disenfranchised blacks in this country.  You say that blacks must behave and think monolithically, or they are not "authentically" black.  You are not talking just about blacks who don't vote - you speak of blacks who don't vote Democrat!  Independent thinking is not allowed .  For you, conservative blacks are "Uncle Tom's", or worse.

But for those blacks who have decided that they cannot in good conscience vote for Barack Obama, or a modern-day "Demokrat", you now denigrate them, and they too are not "authentic". "You're either all-in on the plantation, or you're an outlier. You, and the liberal establishment have told them that ONLY the Democrat Party is acceptable for blacks and minorities.  Yet under Democrat policies from the Great Society until today, blacks continue to lose ground in income, education, and nearly every benchmark that can be measured.  You entice them with entitlements, free this and free that, but while you put the carrot in front of their nose, you attach a yoke and plowshare to their neck.

You Emanuel Cleaver are not pissed that blacks are not voting.  You are upset that more and more won't vote Democrat!

CBC Chairman on Blacks Who Don’t Vote: ‘They Ought to Give Us Their Color Back’
By Melanie Hunter September 20, 2012

(CNSNews.com) – Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Emanuel Cleaver on Thursday said that African-Americans who don’t vote “ought to give us their color back.”

“That’s why I become so angry at any African-American who refuses to vote. They are not worth the color if they don’t vote. They ought to give us their color back. Their African-American credentials need to be snatched if they don’t vote,” Cleaver said at a CBC forum on voting rights.
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