Obama Univision Disaster: Condescension and Lies on Fast & Furious

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That Barack Obama is arrogant is not new.  His chin tilted up as he talks looks out over his audience is a common photo of the man. But his performance on Univision yesterday should be required viewing, not just for the Latino community, but for everybody.  Barack Obama unmasks himself for the intolerable boor that he is.  Not accustomed to the kid-glove treatment that he gets from the U.S. mainstream media, Obama is unable to hide his contempt for some truly probing questions from the Univision interviewers.
When asked about his failure to live up to his 2008 campaign promise of passing comprehensive immigration reform, Obama condescendingly explains to the audience how our government works, that it has three branches of government, and that he as President is not all-powerful, and cannot do things alone, saying "we have to have cooperation from all these sources to get thing done".
Of course he fails to mention that in his first two years in office the Democrats controlled the Executive Branch, held a large majority in the House of Representatives, and had a "super majority" in the Senate.   Even as he tries to blame the Republicans for his broken promise on Immigration Reform, it is well known that the GOP had no way of stopping any legislation without Democrats voting against their own President.  Not only was his tone condescending, but his answer was misleading.

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Another tough question for the President (not something Obama is used to, since he rarely takes any questions from the media), was on the Fast & Furious scandal. Asked why Eric Holder didn't know about the program, and why he shouldn't he be fired, Obama responded with this:

"First of all, I think it's important for us to understand that the Fast & Furious program was a field initiated program begun under the previous Administration. When Eric Holder found out about it, he discontinued it."

This entire statement is an out right lie. Fast and Furious did NOT start under the Bush Administration! The Bush administration had a similar program called "Operation Wide Receiver", which was conducted with the cooperation of the Mexican government.  It involved 300 guns which had tracking devices installed on them, and the program was shut down in 2007, nearly two years before Obama was sworn in a President.
The Fast and Furious program was installed after Obama took office. In addition, the Mexican government was not informed of this operation, which involved 3000 weapons, none of which had tracking devices installed to monitor their whereabouts, or who they were going to.  Two U.S. agents were murdered with some of these weapons, as were hundreds of Mexican citizens.
As infuriating as the fact that Obama and his Administration continue to lie to the American public about this flawed-from-the-start program, the bigger question is: Why?  What are they hiding, and who are they trying to protect?  Why does Barack Obama claim "Executive Privilege" regarding the documents if he had no involvement in this? These are all questions that have yet to be answered.
Overall the Univision appearance was an unmitigated disaster for "the One", as he came off as arrogant and dismissive of his audience, and he got caught in a bold faced lie that he and his administration continue to advance.
Well done, Univision!  Thank you for asking some of the questions that our Obama sycophantic U.S. media fail to ask.

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